On february 20th 2016, the second strongest cyclone in documented history struck Fiji. Peak gusts of up to 320km/h brought inconceivable destruction to the peaceful islanders, leaving over 80,000 people misplaced and without homes.

My work in Fiji, working with All Hands Volunteers, explored the international and local response to the devastating aftermath of Cyclone Winston. 

This body of work goes into my own observations of how delicate aspects within rural community life remain core and unfaltered in its trail.

...Litiana Dua, a small women with gentle eyebrows and expressive hands, particularly grasps my attention. She tells me her personal account of the cyclone, the ‘monster’ that tore the roof off of her home and turned the sky black with churned soil as she ran with her family blindly through the raging winds. “ [the monster] came to destroy everything”, her eyes glaze and she turns her head towards the church...

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